Say Goodbye to Dirty Grout Lines

Trust Jake's Floor Care for grout and tile cleaning services in Wolcottville or Auburn, IN or the surrounding Tri-County area

Are you dealing with stained tile floors in your kitchen? Has dirty grout become a permanent fixture in your bathroom? You need help from the tile cleaning pros at Jake's Floor Care. We offer a wide range of hard surface cleaning services in Wolcottville and Auburn, IN and the surrounding Tri-County area. No matter what kind of surface you need cleaned, we know how to get the job done right.

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Why you should choose our tile cleaning professionals

Why you should choose our tile cleaning professionals

When you need an expert to tackle your tile and grout cleaning, turn to our experts. We've built a trustworthy reputation with our customers because we:

  • Use high-quality products
  • Clean every floor efficiently
  • Provide free estimates for every job

We use Diamond cleaning products on our tile cleaning jobs to ensure a safe and thorough clean. Call 260-343-1775 today to schedule your tile and grout cleaning services.