Can You Smell Fido On Your Carpet?

Clear the air with deodorization services in Auburn and Wolcottville, IN

Whether they're having accidents or shedding fur and dander, pets have an impact on your carpets. If your home has lost its fresh smell, consider deodorization services. Jake's Floor Care uses a thorough pet odor removal process to help make your carpets smell clean and new again.

Our cleaner will...

  • Remove hair from the carpet
  • Apply a cleaning solution
  • Rinse and remove the solution

When we're finished, your carpet will be free of pet hair, dirt and debris. Our cleaning solution leaves a pleasant lemon scent, so your carpet will smell clean.

Arrange for pet odor removal services in Auburn or Wolcottville, IN by contacting us today.

Pets aren't the only thing that leaves an odor

Pets aren't the only thing that leaves an odor

There are many reasons your carpet might have picked up an unpleasant scent. Carpet fibers trap smells just as easily as they do stains. Your carpet might change scent after you spill food and drink or simply cook an especially odorous meal.

Our cleaning solution works to eliminate all kinds of smells. It binds with the particles that create unwanted scents, so we can suck up the mess and the odor. Call us at 260-343-1775 to get deodorization services for your carpets in Auburn or Wolcottville, Indiana.